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Who is Tirzah Caffee?


I am a passionate, merciful, empathetic, hard-working, awkward, tell it to ya straight, person. Like many of you, I grew up in a broken home. I went to Bible college and met the love of my life, had 2 kiddos, and spent 12 years in the role of pastors’ wife. Together we were shepherd and teacher, but we got fried by religion and toxic people. I now own a successful wedding venue in Charlotte, NC, but my deeper longing is to encourage.


Why? Because I spent most of my life feeling alone and wracked with unbearable pain. In my darkest days, God often brought people into my life that walked the journey with me and gave me hope (Thank you, Debbie Jones!).


So, that’s why I created this online course. I want to walk next to you and be a beacon of hope. Oh, and PS. I love Jesus with all my heart so that’s no secret. But…all people are welcomed to join Live Encouraged. It’s a place of love and acceptance for all.


Will you walk with me, friend?

Live Each Day Encouraged

Tirzah Caffee,

Entrepreneur and Life Coach

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