Welcome to Live Encouraged, where you will find a safe place to be real, to bravely flourish, and join with others seeking to spread joy and kindness to a hurting world.

My name is Tirzah Caffee, and I believe that a life filled with joy is possible…even when life is hard.

Come join us as we receive much needed encouragement and then pass that encouragement to the world around us.

Welcome to Live Encouraged

Welcome to Live Encouraged

This 6-week Online Course Includes

Week 1 “When Life Feels Hopeless”

Let’s acknowledge our hurts and gain tools to start the healing process.


Week 2 “Has God Abandoned Me?”

Digging into the BEST tool ever written to see what God’s Word says about how we can experience peace and rest amid pain and discouragement.


Week 3 “Why are Relationships so Difficult?”

Tools to improve relationships with your friends, family, spouse, and co-workers.


Week 4 “Help! My Health Sucks!”

Simple steps to take your physical health to the next level.


Week 5 “Get over Yourself”

Let’s put some action behind the things we have learned and make a personal plan!


Week 6 “Ask the Experts”

From financial advice, to mental/spiritual health, to childhood therapists, come learn from the experts!





Nikayla S.

“Tirzah is a joy to be in community with. She is present and intentional with those she is pouring into and has such a gift of speaking life into others. Tirzah lives her life authentically and honestly and challenges others to do the same. I have been incredibly blessed by her encouragement, insight, leadership and friendship over the years. I cannot encourage others enough to take advantage of any opportunity to get to know her, learn from her, and be in relationship with her.”
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